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Tracksport is a project of one of the leading companies for GPS technologies in Bulgaria – Electroninvest. Electroninvest is partner with Telenor in GPS fleet management in the country.

Tracksport is specialized in GPS-tracking of all kinds of sports – Orienteering, Ski-orienteering, MTB-Orienteering, Mountain and Sky Running, Ultra marathons, Skiing, Roller-skiing, Adventure Racing, Moto Sports, XC Mountain Bike and many more.

Follow the excitement, replay the action, analyze the performance!

No matter if you are organizing a sports event or if you are participating, watching, analyzing it – you can benefit from the GPS tracking!

The live tracking definitely makes a sports event more open and popular. The spectators at the site or in front of the computers can follow the excitement, the drama and enjoy what they otherwise couldn’t – totally different experience during an event. The tracking also gives this extra safety to the organizers.

The possibility for replaying the action and analyzing the performance of the event is very useful not just for the spectators but also for the coaches and the participants themselves. What is better than having so many data to find out what to improve, your strong and weak sides. Compare with others and get stronger, faster, better.

The company has started in the Spring of 2014 when tracking several big orienteering events in Bulgaria while preparing for the more important events. Now they have been tracking several important sports events and are looking forward for a bright future.